My name is Aldo Ferretto, Aldous to my friends, these days I work as a Senior Creative in Brisbane,
a beautiful city full of passionate people where Publicis Worldwide gave me a job. Absolutely fantastic people. 

For the past 10 years I have been working with wonderful people for clients such as Volkswagen, Audi, Seat,
Herokid Skate&Clothing, 1724 Tonic Water, Yosoy Natural Beverages, Jack Daniel’s, Burger King, Royal Caribbean and
Harley Davidson in offices such as Lowe Porta, Leo Burnett Buenos Aires, DDB Barcelona and Lola Mullenlowe
in different countries that include Chile, Argentina, USA, England and Spain. Also winning awards at Cannes Lions,
D&AD, The One Club, LIA, Eurobest, Epica, Clio, NYf,  El Sol, El Ojo de Iberoamerica, FIAP, CdeC,
Lüerzer Archive and more.

I like learning, no matter what it is, that is my most important thing. Travelling around the world taught me
to cherish the gift of having multicultural feedback on everything and found that, when working in problem solving,
the most insightful tool. Also it taught me not to fear the results and always allow for failure.
Stay in doubt, question everything and accept that all is re-thinkable and there is not only one big truth.

I love skateboarding, it's one of my passions, I have ran from the police too many times when I was younger,
when skating was a crime and it wasn’t for the greater good of skating.

At the end and also at the beginning it`s always about learning so feel free to send your feedback, I`ll be happy to read it. 


Thanks for reading this.

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